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Plan for optimal production efficiency

Packaging production is characterized by intense competition; customers demand better products, greater variety and improved service levels. Your competitors are spread across the globe, and you must comply with numerous, sometimes conflicting regulations.

Is your planning process hindering your ability to survive in this highly competitive arena?
Quintiq production planning & optimization software supports packaging manufacturers in optimizing capacity utilization of all resources. Whether you're making game-changing decisions about the future of your operation, you're allocating sales budgets, or you're responding to an unexpected disruption on the day of operations, Quintiq provides the insights you need to make the right decision at the right time.

    • Transparency
      Gain complete visibility over your supply chain.
    • Reliability
      Improve delivery reliability and reduce inventory levels.
    • Integration
      Increase throughput and minimize bottlenecks with integrated end-to-end planning.
    • Customer service
      Deliver superior customer service with reduced lead times and set-up times, for example by optimizing order combinations and creating production campaigns.
    • Flexibility
      Respond effectively to profitable opportunities and rush orders.
    • Responsiveness
      Identify and respond to bottlenecks before they cause problems.
    • Our customers expect efficient and fast-responding production. Quintiq is helping us to continue building on our leading role as a flexible producer. By deploying the Quintiq solution across all of our planning horizons and sites worldwide, we are setting ourselves up well for the future as we now have a system that can grow with us.

      Andreas Haas, Head of Supply Chain Management, SIG

    Gain the critical competitive advantage

    Quintiq understands packaging production challenges and offers a planning solution tailored to suit packaging manufacturers, customized to reflect your unique business rules. Quintiq's 100%-fit production planning software for the packaging industry enables fully optimized supply chain and production processes.